Spacer with nature fibers

In our latest innovation we produce a spacer – 3D fabric with some cotton-mixed yarn in the surface. With this Pressless combine the functionality of our spacer fabric with a nature fiber composition (approx. 43%) in a single stage, continuous production process. The strategy of Pressless in terms of environment and functionality is moving to a new high end level. We are very proud to offer this new fabric to our partners and customers.

Easy Clean

Easy Clean is a special treatment, which take care that water or oil will not infiltrate into the textile structure of our Spacer fabrics. This finishing can be used on all spacers and appears in response to the given structure of the surface.

Make your mattress unique!

Pressless® Clima-Border – totally individual with your choice of colours!

Summer is not the only time when keeping cool in bed is a hot topic. Bodet & Horst offers a comprehensive climate concept with modules for every area of your mattress. Spacer fabric is a 3D fabric which permits air to circulate at all times. An intelligent solution which can balance temperatures in any season and ensures increased bed freshness. Make your mattress unique!

A wide range of widths and colours are available.
You will see just a few examples in the photo on the top.

Email to ask for your sample, or discuss your individual requirements with our visiting sales representative or with our service and sales team in Floeha. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Using the new border strip means that the usual costs for sewing in the standard climate control band no longer arise. As well as cost savings, the risk of quality issues is also minimised as there are fewer seams.